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Family owned bedding specialist since 1968.
Family owned bedding specialist since 1968.

Venetian Mattress

Original price $4,499.00 - Original price $6,499.00
Original price
$4,499.00 - $6,499.00
Current price $4,499.00
Dimensions - 152cm wide x 203cm long x 38cm deep
Mattress Size: Queen
Left Side Mattress Comfort: Plush
Right Side Mattress Comfort: Plush

Experience the epitome of 5-star luxury with the Luxury Hotel Collection Venetian Mattress. Our revolutionary dual pocket spring unit, progressive foam comfort technology, and luxurious wool knit fabric bring the unparalleled comfort and quality found in elite resorts and hotels right to your bedroom. This mattress is not just a customer favourite; it's cherished by our own staff for the exceptional comfort and quality it offers.

This mattress is proudly crafted for us by Comfort Sleep, Australia's leading mattress manufacturer, supplier to the countries leading hotels and resorts.

Check out what is inside here.

- Designed by our in-house sleep experts who have over 50 years of industry experience and knowledge.

- Innovative bespoke sleep surface allows you to choose different comfort levels for each side. If you and your partner have significantly different sleep preferences, rest assured that you can still enjoy the perfect night's sleep by choosing between plush, medium, and firm options for each side of the mattress.

- Our advanced spring support system ensures virtually zero partner disturbance from one side to the other, an industry leading innovation in spring mattresses.

- Our advanced temperature regulating technology helps to assist your body maintain a consistent temperature for a restful night's sleep.

- 100% handcrafted and made-to-order in Australia.

- 10–year guarantee.

- Eligible for buy-now pay-later with Zip and Afterpay.

Australia-Wide Delivery Available

Made for you, your new mattress is expected to be sent in 2-3 weeks. View pricing details in cart and checkout.

We know how important a good night's sleep is for you, so we carefully crafted this guide to help you choose whether a plush, medium or firm mattress is right for you.

Plush - A plush (soft) mattress is ideal for side sleepers, offering gentle cushioning and contouring to provide comfort and support for a cozy and restorative night's sleep.

Medium - A medium mattress accommodates all sleep positions, striking a perfect balance between support and comfort, ensuring a rejuvenating and adaptable night's sleep for various preferences and needs.

Firm - A firm mattress suits back and stomach sleepers, providing robust support and maintaining proper spinal alignment, promoting restful sleep and reducing pressure points for a revitalising slumber experience.

Discover our exclusive mattress range, thoughtfully inspired by our customers, designed by us and expertly crafted in Australia with finest materials.

At The Bedroom we're a family business utilising our 50 years of experience to bring you industry leading bedding solutions. We also focus on providing you with tailored service and solutions to address your unique needs ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Advanced Knowledge & Tech

We have amassed invaluable knowledge, driving industry-leading mattress design to ensure your ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

Breathable & Allergy Friendly

The foams in our mattresses are treated with anti dust mite treatments and are then covered in breathable fabrics for a night's healthy sleep.

10 Year Guarantee

Embrace a decade of peaceful slumber with our 10-year mattress guarantee, ensuring enduring comfort and tranquility night after night.

Flexible Payment Options

We've taken the hassle out of shopping by accepting all credit cards. You can also buy now with Zip and Afterpay.

Progressive Comfort Layers

Dual Pocket Coil Technology

Featuring a unique dual layer sleep system which offers perfect body contouring, minimal partner disturbance as well as superior body support.

Dream Air Micro Pocket Coils

Low profile micro pocket coil system provides excellent body contouring and support whilst increasing airflow for better temperature regulation and comfort.

Premium High Density Comfort

High density premium comfort foams provide greater comfort thanks to body contouring technology while lasting longer, retaining comfort.

Gel Form X

A specialised gel memory foam providing outstanding pressure relief especially targeted around the hip and shoulder areas.

Advanced 4D Quad Coil Spring System

Advanced 4D Quad Coil Spring System

Unique 4 strand weave structure allows the superior targeted response to body movement that surpasses the traditional zoning system.

Premium Wool

Premium Wool

Premium wool offers a natural, luxurious feel with the benefits of wools natural anti-bacterial and insulating properties. This will help keep you cool in summer and warm and snug in winter. Leaving your body to naturally thermo-regulate body temperature throughout the night for a much more comfortable night’s sleep.

Hygroflex & Quiltec™ Blend

Hygroflex & Quiltec™ Blend

A true hybrid material delivering an opulent pressure relieving experience whilst reducing frictional stress on the skin. Blended with Quiltec™ for exceptional temperature regulation and breathability.

The Pinnacle OF Our Range Made By Comfort Sleep Bedding

Comfort Sleep Bedding don’t run an automated production line, we tailor one-by-one because we can and because our people care. This is why we proudly stand behind them and their products to give our customers the very best night's sleep.