Why Are The Prices Of High Grade Mattresses Constantly On The Rise?

Why Are The Prices Of High Grade Mattresses Constantly On The Rise?

Why is the gap widening between high grade mattresses and the middle to budget range?

To put it plainly, research and development .

Remember the old sprung bases where if you wriggled under your bed maybe to play hide and seek (I’m showing my age!), you would get your hair caught in the springs? Usually on top of these sprung bases would be a mattress with the hourglass springs.

The hourglass springs were connected with a wire so that when one moved the wire would pull the springs down in unison. The springs moved in a wave of motion under the padding making it a very unstable surface. If you shared a bed then both sides would feel the effect of the other moving usually giving a very disturbed nights sleep. Really it’s a wonder we all managed to stay in our beds and not roll out or even be bounced off!

Today we have done away with the sprung bases but the hourglass spring is still used in some budget mattresses. Research and development combined with modern engineering have given us the pocket spring and the use of multiple layers of springs. Research and development has also presented us with options as far as the type of steel used in the springs, spring design , multiple densities and qualities of foam for padding. All of these components combined with exceptionally durable and comfortable performance fabrics as the final outer layer are why the price of the high grade mattress seems high. That is if you are buying from us. I know that there are some companies who put a high price on a mattress that looks impressive but if you could cut it in half..... that's another story!

Mattresses have come a long, long way from where they were the last time you purchased one. In only the last 12 months a cooling fabric has been developed for the outer mattress layer or sleep surface. This fabric stays cool to the touch for approximately 15-20 minutes ,after that it remains at a comfortable temperature much like natural fibres such as wool and cotton do. The difference between the natural fibres and our new cooling fabric is that the fabric is actually cool to touch. Quite remarkable really. Usually we fall asleep in 15-20 minutes and once you’re asleep your body temperature drops so the cooling fabric has done its job by the time you are asleep.

Our Centennial Mattress has the high performance cooling fabric and it provides an amazing sleeping surface.  The Centennial Mattress. It won't keep a six pack cold but it will definitely provide a beautiful sleeping surface for a restful nights sleep.

Another feature of high grade mattresses is the un-compromised quality, love and attention that goes into making each mattress. Mattresses in the higher end of the market take longer to make. There’s nothing “off the rack” used in their composition. Each one is built by the hands of craftsmen with the finest quality of components. Our mattress range is made in Australia by Australian owned manufacturers for Australians. Our mattresses are made for the Australian market only. You don’t hear that very often anymore.

As I mentioned earlier it takes research, research and more research to make things right, the first time.There are no automated production lines. All of our high end mattresses are tailored just for you , one by one. Actually even the springs are made right here in Australia in Comfort Sleeps Melbourne factory.

But there’s more to a mattress than just putting some foam, springs and materials together. It’s about experience and expertise to be able to understand what works and what doesn’t. Selecting the finest fabrics and materials available to achieve a desired feeling. Designing and engineering the mattress to achieve greater comfort and performance. Our mattresses are built to stand the test of time.

Above all, it’s about understanding how each component of the mattress compliments each other and work together to harmoniously deliver the ultimate sleep experience. If foam is not layered correctly it can either feel as hard as a brick wall or be so unsupportive that you sink in.

At the Bedroom Mattress & Bedding Co. our relentless pursuit for ‘higher quality’ is what drives us to constantly re-define what sleep should feel like. It’s what keeps us at the top of our game. It’s why our mattresses are so luxurious and unrivalled. It’s superior comfort in every mattress.

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