And Now It's Time To Meet Our Team, Our Family

And Now It's Time To Meet Our Team, Our Family

Today, we're taking a break from flipping pillows and mattresses to introduce you to the man we affectionately call Big Daddy. No, we're not talking about some mysterious figure from a gangster movie. We're talking about Kurt, Dad , the head honcho of our little family business.

Who is Big Daddy?

Big Daddy, also known as Kurt, earned his nickname from his immediate family. You see, there were too many Kurts running around - Big Kurt, Pop Kurt, and little Kurt. It was like a Kurt overload! So, to avoid any confusion, we dubbed him Big Daddy. And the name stuck like glue.

Why Big Daddy?

Now, you might be wondering why Big Daddy is the perfect moniker for Kurt. Well, aside from being the patriarch of our family, he's also the go-to guy for advice, support, and a good laugh. So, the next time you hear us refer to Big Daddy, just know that it's not some random stranger. It's our fearless leader, our rock, and the man who holds us all together. Big Daddy may sound intimidating, but trust us, he's just a big teddy bear with a heart of gold.

History Of Big Daddy

Big Daddy was and still is, extraordinarily competitive . He competed at national level, multiple times in Decathlon. After many years of athletics he turned his hand to watersports. Dragon Boat racing and then Outrigger Canoes were his next adventure. Competing both on Australian waters and International waters. This was then followed by a short but unforgettable time with Sydney Arrows Speed Skating Club. Kurts speed Ice Skating efforts were rewarded with a silver medal at the Australian Championships. Yes he wore a full lycra suit!! Today he enjoys competing in a less physical way, at the Poker Table. He tells us this is a sport because it is televised on the sports channels. I'm not convinced about this!

Big Daddy hasn't always gone to work at The Bedroom Mattress & Bedding Co. He left school to become either a draughtsman or a "chalkie" at the Stock Exchange. He still has pride in his precision drawings from yesteryear and uses his skills today to design furniture for customers. Big Daddy resisted the position as a chalkie at the ASX and instead took up a job working for his father in his shop - The Bedroom Mattress & Bedding Co. Yes this business has been in continuous operation for a very long time thanks to Big Daddy. 

Fast Forward To Now.......

The Bedroom was established in 1968 with Big Daddys family taking it over in 1984. That's 40 years this year and Kurt has been working it for 37 years. If only long service leave was a thing when you're self employed! Big Daddy has 4 awesome children and is still married (to me). Now working along side his children and working smarter than ever, he looks forward , everyday. Looking forward to endless possibilities and opportunities is what drives Big Daddy and keeps us all on out toes.

Stay tuned....... I'll introduce the rest of us over the coming weeks. 

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