A Guide To Sweet Dreams: Choose The Right Mattress

A Guide To Sweet Dreams: Choose The Right Mattress

There's a common thread in my blogs and that is to trust yourself when deciding what is comfortable.

I once went to investigate the opposition, I went mattress shopping. The store I walked into first had mattresses selling for over $10,000! Having been in the industry for a very long time, I know for a fact that to make a $10,000 mattress, you would need to use the finest silk which is going to be both too delicate and far too hot. Silk is actually one of the hottest fabrics that you can buy. Sure, it looks all airy and cool the way it hangs and shifts in the breeze, but the formation of the delicate silk fibres prevent air from circulating.

The sales person went on to say that there were over 14,000 springs in the mattress and that there were layers of lambs wool, alpaca and even cashmere on the sleep surface. All very fine qualities but they have been used to give reason for the price to be inflated. Sure lambs wool is an excellent insulator, I don't deny that at all but to blend this with alpaca and cashmere is of no benefit, only to inflate the price. The lambs wool on its own is more than enough to offer insulation and luxurious padding.

About the 14,000 springs, seriously!!! The sales person happily showed me how this number of springs in a mattress is achieved by showing me a sample. The springs were so tiny that it was actually just a ring of metal. It was so small that there was no "spring" in the spring. It was more like a key ring not a spring. 

The salesperson was doing an excellent job in describing all of the benefits that came with the various elements of the "million dollar" mattress, clearly they had done their homework it's just that the information provided comes straight from the manufacturer and is designed to bamboozle you so that you think 14,000 springs MUST be better than 10,000 springs (another ridiculously high number ).

Listen to what the salesperson has to say, and if it sounds too good to be true, you know what I'm going to say here... it probably is!

Why you need to trust yourself-

When it comes to choosing a mattress, you are the one who knows your body best. You know what feels comfortable and what doesn't. Trusting yourself means listening to your own instincts and preferences. Don't let a salesperson convince you that their expensive mattress is the only option for a good night's sleep. Trust your own judgment and choose a mattress that suits your needs and preferences.

"Rules of engagement" - How to shop for a mattress 

When shopping for a mattress try 3 mattresses.

Ask to be shown the top of the line, middle of the road, and value. Ask that they all be medium feel ( it's good to start in the middle). Lay on each of them for a short period of time. The idea is for you to feel the difference in what you get for your money. 

Now that you can feel what you get for your money YOU can decide what you think fits right for YOUR needs. Keep the ball in your court. Once the decision is made on top of the line, middle road or value test out the different feels. Plush (soft), medium or firm. 

Many people like to lay down for a long period of time and that's fair enough too. Lay there for as long as you like but try not to overthink it. 

Remember staying in that fancy hotel where the bed was super comfy as soon as you hopped in? You didn't lay there thinking "I'm not sure if this is comfy". You either love the bed immediately or you don't. The same goes for mattress shopping, either you love it immediately or you don't!

Shopping for a mattress is a little like shopping for shoes ( not as much fun but the same principle), if it's not comfy when you try it chances are it's not going to suddenly become comfortable and vice versa. Sure it will relax a little over time like an old shoe and usually what happens from there is the beautiful full leather shoe becomes more comfortable and the cheap ones fall apart. It's the same with a mattress. The top of the line models and to a certain extent, the middle of the road models will hug and support you night after night where the value model, while it started out ok, will become less comfortable as the padding flattens and the springs can be felt.  


Comfort is subjective. Choosing the right mattress is a personal decision that should be based on your own needs and preferences. Trust yourself and don't let salespeople pressure you into buying something that doesn't feel right. Take the time to test out different options and trust your gut. After all, a good night's sleep is priceless, and investing in the right mattress can be life changing.

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