Emporio Black Imperial Mattress - Plush Feel


Emporio Black™ is a designer inspired collection for the design conscious. It's contemporary styling, premium fabrics, geometric pattern code and dark signature look gives the collection an intimate, luxurious and indulgent feel that exudes class and sophistication.

Premium Natural Materials

Combined with our premium ‘tech’ materials, the Emporio Black includes the best from mother nature also. Premium natural materials achieve superior breathability, insulation and comfort. Making it the ultimate combination for your best night’s sleep.

Advanced Comfort Technology

Enhanced comfort is achieved by precise and meticulous material combinations and only utilising the best grade foam goodness available. The proof is in the pudding – feel it for yourself.

All foams are Australian GECA Certified.


Whats Inside?

Australian Made Premium Wool Knit

Australian natural wool knit. Wool fibres help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer while being naturally anti-bacterial and anti dust mite.

HyperSoft Comfort Foam

Featuring a unique combination of Hypersoft Foam and Quiltec™ comfort technology, Hypersoft offers unique luxury and breathability while having extremely good resilience for high wear and tear.
Hypersoft will keep you cool and comfortable while offering great bouceback for years to come.

Gel Memory Foam

Premium gel memory foam is a premium quality foam that provides outstanding overall pressure relief. This is beneficial around high pressure body points like the hip and shoulder areas.

Premium HD Comfort Foam

High density premium comfort foam provides greater comfort thanks to body contouring technology while lasting longer, retaining comfort.

GECA Certified Comfort Foam

Using Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) comfort foam is our guarantee that the highest environmental standards have been met when producing the comfort foams on your quality mattress. Better for you and your family, better for the environment. Resulting in a safe, clean and healthy night’s sleep.

Progressive High Density Comfort Foam

Two layers of premium high density foam sandwiched together to provide a smooth transition feel offering the perfect balance of comfort and support.

EdgeBoost™ Foam Boxed Wall

EdgeBoost™ Boxed Wall is a foam box encasement to the outer edge of the mattress, creating maximum surface support from edge to edge, utilising the entire mattress surface.

4D Quad Coil Spring System

Unique 4 strand weave structure allows the superior targeted response to body movement that surpasses the traditional zoning system. 

This mattress come with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship.

Delivery Time

Each mattress is carefully handcrafted for each order and is usually available in 2-3 weeks.

Why Choose Us?

At The Bedroom we've spent over 50 years refining and evolving what we believe gives our customers the best night's sleep possible. We've put this knowledge together to assemble not only the finest range of mattresses we've ever had, but the finest and best value range of mattresses on the market.

Our point of difference is that we have hand selected this range of mattresses ourselves using our extensive knowledge and years of experience.

Like us Comfort Sleep Bedding is a premium boutique family business that prides itself on providing honest service which you know you can rely on. We like to show genuine interest in our customers and provide them with exactly what they are looking for.

If you'd like to learn more then you can speak to one of our mattress experts on 02 9529 3311 or via email on sales@thebedroom.com.au.