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Cool Pads

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You can place The Original Cool Pad on top of your mattress, or under your sheet, and when you lie on it you'll enjoy a virtually instant cooling effect. This is because the unique heat absorbing gel within the mat absorbs body heat, reducing your temperature and allowing you to enjoy a cool, relaxing and comfortable night's rest.


1. Cools you down by taking the heat out of the body.

2. Place Original Cool Pad to that part of your body that feels the most heat.

3. Initial extreme cool lasts for up to 10 minutes and then it is a comforting cool.

4. Whatever time Original Cool Pad takes to assume body temperature, it will take the same to recover to as new and there is no limit to the number of times it can be used.

5. Can be used on the bed, on a chair, camping, driving or on a couch.

6. Wipe clean with towel.

7. Severe heat sufferers may require a 2nd Original Cool Pad to use while the 1st Original Cool Pad recovers