St Albans Ladies Mohair Medi Socks

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The prettiest medical socks just for you!

St Albans medi-socks will provide support for circulatory problems including Diabetes. The benefits and unique properties of Mohair and Bamboo combine to create the ultimate foot healthy natural fibre sock. Medi-socks are gentle and soft making them perfect for sensitive feet.

Moisture management: mohair socks have natural wickability – because of the capillary nature of mohair fibre, the moisture is naturally drawn away from the foot and released on the outside of the sock.
Super absorbent: mohair can absorb 30% of body moisture without feeling wet.
Blister free: the smooth mohair fibres and super absorbency prevent chaffing.
All year comfort: the natural insulating properties of mohair ensures that your feet remain cool in summer and warm in winter.

Quality. Beauty. Heritage. Woven into every fibre of St Albans. Since 1951, the Gough family has produced St Albans’ fine throws, blankets, wraps and scarves with expertise, dedication and pride. Made with the highest quality, responsibly sourced materials, every St Albans piece blends practicality, comfort and pleasure to meet our unwavering standard of excellence.

St Albans Textile Company Pty Ltd was purchased by the Gough family, three generations ago. Our third generation and current Managing Director, Richard Gough oversees a dedicated team determined to keep ahead and indeed, set the trends in the textile industry.

 St Albans. Crafted for Life.

SIZE: Ladies 4-8

What are they made from?

Mohair and bamboo blend.

Care Instructions:                                                                                                          Use a wash bag and mild detergent on a gentle cycle. Please read the care label on your St Albans product.