Sheridan Upholstered Cast Bed


This design is unique to any other design currently available in Australia as it features an upholstered design with a metal frame.

This bed is made in the USA.

The bed is pictured in Queen Size with the Rustic Ivory finish with Petal Santorini upholstered leather and French Natural nail heads.


The bed is made from steel and features alloy castings throughout the design. Every join is either fully welded, or fully cast.

The frame supplied is extra strong and comes standard with a cross bar at the head and foot end and centre support rails.

This type of construction and frame gives the bed a very sturdy feeling. This bed will not shake or rattle (must be installed correctly).

The bed is supplied as a complete bed, head end, foot end, and slatted frame.

This bed can also be specially ordered to fit around a soft sided water-bed, or ensemble.

Delivery Time
This bed is in stock and will usually be shipped within 3 days of your order.