Elegant Lifestyle™ Celestial Medium Mattress


Our Comfort Scale from 1 to 5 makes choosing your mattress easy. Soft is 1 - Firm is 5.

Elegant Lifestyle™ Celestial mattress- Comfort Level 3. This is where style meets comfort. The latest fabrics and precision tailoring are met with individual body contouring comfort layers to create a truly unique sleeping experience. This mattress is available in three different comfort levels. 

This mattress can be used on electric adjustable beds. If you are ordering this mattress for an existing electric adjustable bed please mention this in the special instructions box on the cart page.

Spring Unit

Contour-tech™ 5-zoned pocket spring unit.

1st Comfort Layer

A thick layer of high density plush foam padding

2nd Comfort Layer

Gel Form X memory foam.

Quilted Top

The very top layer inside the mattress has a combination of wool and high density foam which provides that final piece of comfort. The wool layer helps with temperature regultion in all seasons keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Fabric Covering

This mattress is covered in a knit fabric to complete the luxurious look and feel and further aid temperature regulation.

Edge Support

The edges of the mattress features an Edge Boost foam.

The Celestial mattress range uses a Contour-techTM 5-zone pocket spring system technology to provide optimum lateral support. This pocket spring system evenly distributes your body weight and provides you with extra support by targeting three key areas of your body. Pocket springs in the centre-third zone of the mattress utilizes thicker coils to increase tension and provide extra central support.
High-density foam lasts longer and provides greater comfort thanks to body contouring technology. Foams are equipped with HealthGuard™, which protects against dust mites, one of the major causes of asthma and allergies.
Gel Form X™ is an open-cell, gel-infused memory foam that offers pressure relief and comfort the whole night through. The foam is specially formulated to ensure higher breathability so the mattress stays cooler.
This is a layer made from natural wool blended with a synthetic compound to add strength and durability. This layer helps keep you warm in winter and cool in summer while being naturally anti-bacterial and anti-dust mites.
Edge Boost Foam Box is a superior edge surround casing that allows you to sleep right to the edge of the mattress while staying totally supported. No more feeling like you’ll slide off the mattress and no more hard edges.
Single-side mattress technology ensures you never have to flip your mattress. The mattress is specially designed to provide comfort and support all year round using specially formulated comfort layers and no-turn technology. It is recommended that you spin this mattress around from head to toe to ensure even wear of the mattress occurs.
ThermoSleep™ is the combination of two technologies that work together to improve breathability of the mattress: Breezex™, an outer fabric that allows higher air flow, and Quiltex™, an open-cell foam comfort layer at the top of the mattress.
This mattress come with a 10 year guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship.