Dunlopillo Therapillo Medium Profile Micro Cloud Pillow

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This classic shape pillow is filled with premium micro pieces of memory foam that provides flexibility to your sleeping position, supporting you where you need it most.

Micro memory foam contours to the head and neck relieving pressure points and encouraging optimal spinal alignment.

Ideal for those who want flexibility in their pillow with optimum support.

Filled to a medium height to suit the sleeping preferences of most sleepers.

Featuring a soft removable cover which is machine washable for easy care.

5 Year Guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship. Superb durability, comfort and support.


• Medium profile

• Moulds to individual shape

• Fits standard pillow case 48cm x 73cm.

• 5 year guarantee

• Velour removable cover is machine washable

• Sponge wash soiled areas of memory foam with warm water

• Do not dry clean (x)