Brand New Mattress Range From Comfort Sleep Bedding

Like us Comfort Sleep is a premium boutique family business that truly cares for its customers by putting so much heart and soul into their products. Mastering the art of providing a good night's sleep doesn't happen overnight. Both us and Comfort Sleep have been in business for over 35 years so we know exactly what our customers need for the best possible night's sleep.

Below are our brand new collections of mattresses that will be available in our store very soon! Check out all the information below and don't hesitate to drop us an email or call if you have any questions.

Master Tailor™

This level of luxury and comfort has to be experienced to be believed. Like the name suggests, the Master Tailor™ mattress collections are only crafted by our skilled Master Tailors. Individuals who have perfected the art of mattress making and who have a minimum of 15 years+ experience under their belt at this craft.


The Luminaire™ Collection is a fashionable icon piece that's always on trend. It’s wears a signature check and weave and is for the perfectionist who appreciates uber style, premium comfort and class.

Emporio Black™

Emporio Black™ is a designer inspired collection for the design conscious. It's contemporary styling, premium fabrics, geometric pattern code and dark signature look gives the collection an intimate, luxurious and indulgent feel that exudes class and sophistication.


Emporio™ is a quality collection centred around modern elegance. It's neutral delicate tones and organic pattern gives the collection a soft, homely and inviting feel. It's affordable family living for those that are well co-ordinated and enjoy premium comfort.


The Verve™ Collection is affordable living without compromising on quality, comfort or support. It's for those happy-go-lucky people that want comfort and style at a reasonable price. Its classic look and feel, neutral tones with horizontal border quilting gives this collection a modern lifelong appeal. It's the best value equation for everyday comfort.