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Adelaide Timber Bed


Sleep in perfect comfort every night with the Adelaide queen bed. This luxurious Australian made bed is fashioned from high quality New Zealand Pine and is available in a range of stains, proving a perfect fit for any style of home. Australian designed and built with New Zealand Pine, the Adelaide queen bed is perfectly suited for any household, providing durability, functionality, style and luxury.


This bed is made from 100% New Zealand Pine and is Made in Australia.


This bed includes the bed head, foot end, side rails and solid 35mm thick timber slats.

Delivery Time

This bed is a made in Australia for each order. The delivery time on this product is 4-6 weeks.

About The Manufacturer

Exuding a refined and definitive taste, Flamingo Furniture crafts each piece with the Australian lifestyle in mind. From sumptuous bedroom suites to superb dining room settings, Flamingo Furniture capture the delicate balance of chic style, a relaxed atmosphere and comfort designed to suit the whole family. Each piece reveals the Flamingo Furniture standard of quality craftsmanship and the desire to preserve traditional furniture making techniques. 

Flamingo Furniture is an Australian owned family business that has been operating since 1981.