Bambi Magnetix Wool Underblanket


The bedding that Relieves stress & tension

Relieves Arthritic Pain

Aids in the natural healing process

Improves circulation

Is completely drug free

In addition to relieving pain and repairing injury this completely non invasive treatment offers many other health benefits, improving blood circulation, aiding in the bodies disposal of unhealthy deposits of cholesterol and calcium, increase in memory and concentration, improved respiration, re balancing the functions of various organs through correction of metabolic disorders, and amazingly, research has even shown that magnetic therapy can also have a positive effect on reducing fatty tissue and therefore can assist in lowering the risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure!

What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic Therapy is the term used for the application of magnets to the body to assist in the bodies own healing functions.

The magnets realign the blood cells in an optimal manner. This allows the blood flow to maximise the body's own healing mechanism thus working more effectively to repair any damage.

Its the drug free, pain free, safe, effective and 100% natural solution to relieveing aches and pains caused by natural, sporting and repetitive stresses and injuries, like muscle tension and arthritis. It also benefits our entire well being and offers improvement of many other symptoms.

Only the highest quality materials like pure cotton and AUSTRALIAN pure new wool are used to make Bambi Magnetix bedding products, ensuring that your magnetic therapy experience is enhanced....naturally!

Distributed in Australia by a local manufacturer

This underblanket is ezifit deep fitted skirt, gentle machine wash.


This underblanket is a very easy care underblanket. When needed just machine wash it on a gentle cycle.