Cot Mattress

Cots can come in a variety of sizes as there are a few sizes that manufacturers tend to utilise. Most cots will have a stamp on them to indicate the size of the cot mattress that should be used on that cot. The stamp can often be found on the slat base.

Please be very careful and confirm the size especially if you have purchased a second-hand cot as parts from other cots may have been used. It is best to set the cot up and confirm the measurement.

Special size cot mattresses cannot be returned if you have ordered the wrong size. A cot mattress should not be made from vinyl as this could be a contributing factor toward SIDS.

We recommend the use of a quality wet sheet to protect the mattress. We can have a cot mattress made to your specific size if required, please see the product below for further information.
  • Cot Mattress Special Size

    Cot Mattress Standard Size

    We have sold many different cot mattress over the years but this one definitely represents the best value. It is the perfect mattress for your newb...

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