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Family owned bedding specialist since 1968.
Family owned bedding specialist since 1968.

Reverie 7X Wireless Adjustable Bed Base

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Original price $1,273.00
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Bed Size: Long Single

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Ready to ship to you in 1-2 weeks.

Product Warranty

The adjustable frame comes with a 10 year warranty and the parts have a 5 year warranty, so you can rest assured that this purchase can be enjoyed for years to come.

Suitable mattresses

We have a range of both foam and pocket spring mattresses that are designed to be used on electric adjustable bases. You can browse the range by clicking here.

Turn your bedroom into your own spa retreat with the Reverie 7X Base.

Discover the leading-edge technology that allows you to alleviate pressure on joints, ease lower back pain and can even help reduce snoring! Reverie™ 7X Adjustable Power Electric Base delivers full mobility with head and foot adjustability, preset and programmable positions and massage technology with ten intensity levels. Enjoy the Reverie 7X adjustable base with a light under the bed so that those midnight bathroom visits won't be so dark - or bright!

Smartphone App

Technology is constantly developing and this includes sleep technology. Now your adjustable bed can be controlled right from your phone through the Reverie Nightstand™ app. The app enables you to specify the precise angles for the head and foot platforms. (Just like the remote control) It also allows you to configure presets and implement alarms in your bedroom.

LED Night Light

No need to turn the lights on with the Wireless Remote features a premium backlit function, allowing the buttons to glow. 

Wall Snuggler®

A bespoke feature exclusive to Reverie, the wall-hugging mechanism simultaneously lifts you. It glides you back as you adjust so that you don't move farther away from your bedside tables and the items you have placed on top are within reach.

Fully Customisable Positions

With this adjustable base the choice is yours with how you'd like to enjoy it. Not sure what position works for you? Then try one of the three pre-programmed positions which include Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore and completely flat. If you've found your own unique sleeping position that you enjoy then you can store up to two of them for you to enjoy anytime!

Stylish Slim Design

The base is extremely slim at only 10cm thick, so the days of clunky and clumsy looking designs are finally gone. The base comes with legs so you can set it up without a bed fram, but because of its super sleek design it can also be placed on most bed frames too.

Massage Functionality

Outside of sleep one of the more relaxing experiences you can have is through massage, so why not combine this with sleep! The Reverie 7X Wireless Adjustable Bed Base allows you to divulge in this luxury through its massage technology with independent head and foot controls. Program your adjustable bed to elevate the head with a massage in the mornings for a relaxing way to wake up!

5 Health Benefits of Massage

Some might shy away at the mention of massage or make a remark about motels and quarters. Here are 5 proven health benefits that our massage function can provide.

1. Fall asleep faster

A massage is a good option if you’re looking for a natural, pill-free approach to better sleep. 57% of participants in a Michigan State University study found that the 3D-Wave™ massage helped them fall asleep more easily (3D massage available on 7X and 9T models).

2. Increase Circulation

3D-Wave™ Massage is like an ocean with waves—it utilizes resonant frequency to create a circular motion that stimulates blood flow. This option is great for mornings, helping to get the blood flowing after a night of rest and immobility.

3. Stick to a Bedtime Routine

One of the best ways to improve your sleep is to stick to a consistent sleep schedule. With Reverie®, you can automatically set a timer for a massage before bed while you watch your favourite show or read a book. After 30 minutes, the massage shuts off and cues you to turn off the lights—the perfect wind-down routine.

4. Have More Energy During the Day

In the MSU study, the majority of participants reported a better mood upon waking up and more daytime alertness, rating 35% higher than those who did not use the massage prior to sleep.

5. Relieve Sore Muscles and Swelling

The combination of raising the feet and turning on massage is great for those who stand on their feet all day, experience swollen feet, or anyone who is a frequent exerciser. 47% of study participants found relief for
sore muscles, and raising the feet above the heart is quick and easy relief for swollen feet and ankles. 

This bed is made from a metal frame that can take up to 385kg of weight. This frame is covered in an upholstered fabric to finish it off in a sleek contemporary look that suits a variety of room styles.